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Putting our expertise to work: Truth Data Cloud Newsletter #5

Running ad campaigns on the blockchain

In case you didn’t know it the leadership team here at Truth Data Cloud are experts in the fields of media and advertising and as such, we have a lot to say and do about it! The Truth Data Cloud has grown out of years of experience building new adtech solutions, watching the industry evolve and audiences shift, knowing where the pain points are and asking, how can we make this better? To this end Truth Media, the team behind the Truth Data Cloud, launched the first ever blockchain-based programmatic ad campaign this year and the findings were quite astonishing. Read More

Focus on London

Our leadership team is now back in the UK and gearing up for two big blockchain conferences in London.

World Blockchain Forum on 3-5th September and Blockchain Live on 26th September. Some of the hottest names in the blockchain industry will be speaking at Blockchain Live and we are pleased that our CEO Mary Keane Dawson will be among them. Let us know if you are in the area and would like to meet: [email protected]


The FAQs section of our website is now live here. Learn how we set ourselves apart from our competitors, why the Truth Data Cloud needs a TRU token and how users can earn rewards for their data. For a more in depth discussion on any of the points it raises please join our Telegram community where the team are on hand.


As always, thank you for reading. See you next week!

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