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Truth Data Cloud Newsletter #2: Going Global & Alpha Build

Welcome to our second newsletter.

With the presale of our TRU tokens now well underway, the vast majority of the team this week has been focusing on fundraising and reaching our first $5M milestone.

Singapore Encore

Last week’s trip to Singapore was a huge success. We received overwhelming interest for Truth Data Cloud and its potential in the post-GDPR advertising space. Both our CTO and Global Head of Business Development, Oliver and Dan, are already back in the south eastern metropolis for follow up conversations. They will be there for around 3 weeks – if you would like to set up a meeting with them please drop a line to [email protected].

Global Venture, Global Support

Thanks to our team’s long standing foothold in the advertising and media space we have also seen support and interest from industry professionals in Canada, Europe, and the Middle-East.

One of the best things about this week has been the huge support I’ve received from my personal business network, as long term collaborators, media friends and former clients, reach out and recommend Truth Data Cloud to sovereign funds, et al. I’ve also been really impressed by the teams laser like focus on building our community channels and opening out the conversation on personal identity and the monetisation of our digital data.
Mary Keane-Dawson, CEO

TDC intends to meet all interest with full support. Our leadership team is in the planning finalisation for travels to Toronto, New York, London; with more TBC very soon.

So far, the TDC Summer Conference Tour holds:

Truth Data Cloud: Beta Build

While a closed Alpha product is currently built, our CTO and his team are getting their head down these next few months as we plan our working beta build by mid-november.

The following are screenshots from the current Alpha build of the website version. They are not representative of the final product and are subject to change.

Inside your Data Wallet: in addition to linking your social media accounts for an automated yet perhaps less rounded profile, you will have the option to manually update your purchase intentions and preferences. E.g. favourite computer games.

Agency side: depositing TRU tokens in order to purchase consented user data.

This is the new way to gather user data: search for users that match your parametres.
This data is more valuable to agencies but only consented data can be accessed. If a user doesn’t want a specific brand to access their data, it won’t be made available.

See you next week! Until then, make sure you join our Telegram channel. Our entire team is there and active!

Let’s get this personal data revolution started.

The Truth Data Cloud team.