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Truth Data Cloud Newsletter #4: Designing the Truth Data Cloud

Designing the Truth Data Cloud

This week we caught up with our software teams in Ukraine. The Truth Data Cloud is supported by an 11-strong team of developers from Eleks/Outcode, a well respected blockchain development outfit. We interviewed Senior Project Lead Kostiantyn Sagan to find out more about his journey into blockchain and the design choices behind the Truth Data Cloud technology stack. Read the blog post here

CryptoBlockCon, New York

In other news this week, our CEO Mary Keane Dawson took to the stage at CryptoBlockCon in New York to speak about the impact blockchain can have on protecting our individual copyrights. We gathered her thoughts on the topic.

Hello from New York where this week I was speaking on the impact of Blockchain technology on our creative copyright – whether it’s content you’ve posted online, research you’ve conducted and shared via an academic publisher, or a movie or song you’ve written or directed – the one thing that these three distinct subjects have in common is that the originator – you – increasingly gets paid less and less for having the idea and executing the project, or on the most basic level just gets ‘free access’ to your own or your friends content. It seems as though the value of content is judged by the value attributed to it through social sharing rather than the merits of the content itself. The nature of digital content is perfect for the application of blockchain to ensure creative identity rights are established and rewarded fairly and I think we will see a shift towards this in the future

The impact of SEC postponement

Last week the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) took the decision to postpone its ruling on the VanEck-SolidX bitcoin Electronically Traded Fund (ETF) until at least 30 September. A regulated ETF will offer institutions and high net-worth investors the opportunity for safe, easy exposure to Bitcoin via the traditional markets – signalling a new era and regulatory climate for digital assets. This means that token sale backers in the US are still waiting on the regulatory guidance. Further extensions of up to 90 days and an additional 60 days may be sought – meaning that a decision may not be forthcoming before the end of Q1 2019.

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